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Lic housing finance ltd offers rate is 9.50% 2 YEARS Fixed Up to 3 Crore.





· Easy application & quick approvals.

· Low interest rates.

· Loan amount from Rs: 10 lakhs to 1.5 crores.

· Transparency with no hidden cost and no gimmicks.

· Expert advice in respect of property title and legalities.


We are qualified and  efficient  marketing team of  LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD, who have been striving to provide superior home loan services.

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Now your dream of staying in your own abode is no longer a distinct possibility but an easy to realize reality, thanks to LIC housing loans, by LIC housing finance ltd. LIC housing finance limited, since their inception on June 19, 1989 has been serving their customers dedicatedly to enjoy fastest and easiest LIC home loan solutions. LIC housing finance ltd is the preferred financial home loan lender because of its reliable brand name in the market. Also, LIC housing loan has an extensive network of distributors making the process of acquiring LIC home loan quick and hassle free.

LIC housing finance ltd has also been one of the premiers in the field of home loans and they make it possible for the individuals to enjoy LIC housing loans facilities for construction or purchase of flats/apartments and houses. One could also take advantage of their LIC home loans for renovating or restructuring their current place of residence.

LIC housing finance limited has numerous offerings for people interested in purchasing LIC housing loan based on the individuals need and preferences. Here are some of the LIC housing loans plans that are offered by them at LIC housing finance ltd:

· LIC housing finance ltd has LIC Griha Prakash and Griha Laxmi LIC home loans plan where individuals can get LIC housing loan amounting to 85% of the total property cost provided the total value of the property doesn’t exceed the value of 1 Crore Rupees. This LIC home loan scheme is valid on both purchase and construction of property and covers the money that the buyer spends while signing agreement, making registration charges and payment of stamp duty fees.

· LIC housing finance limited offers Griha Sudhar LIC housing loans for individuals looking for an amount of up to 10 lakhs to renovate or make repairs in their properties. The sum of the LIC home loan which is provided to the customer should not exceed 25% of the current market value of the property or 85% of the total repair cost whichever is lower.

· LIC housing finance limited provides Griha Prakash LIC housing loans from 25,000 Rs. to more than 1 crore Rs. to people looking for funds to extended their present residential units. These LIC home loans can be taken for a maximum period of 20 years.


· LIC housing finance ltd is also committed to help non professional loan seekers to take advantage of Griha Shobha LIC home loan project where they can get a minimum LIC home loan of 5,00,000 RS for a maximum time of 10 years. Professionals get an extended advantage of repaying back this LIC housing loan in 15 years.

In order to enjoy the LIC home loans offered by LIC housing finance limited one must fulfill following criteria:

· To enjoy LIC housing loan, individuals should have a minimum annual income of 1.5 lakhs

· Salaried employees should be between the age group of 25-58 years whereas self employed individuals should be between 21-70 years of age to enjoy LIC home loans

· LIC housing finance ltd also takes pride in serving NRI’s provided they have valid Indian Passports

If you meet the LIC housing loan eligibility criteria, contact LIC home loans office today to process your loan application. With, LIC housing loans, owning a house no more remains a dream.